> Just poit them to php-dev and keep bringing it up until there is some
> comment on it, at the moment there is no democratic process in PHP, people
> just do what they want and someone normally knows some part of PHP better
> than anyother, IE if you have a sessions thing speak to sascha (via
> PHP-DEV), a COM thing speak to Frank, Daniel and Zeev via PHP-DEV, an
> thing speak to Andrei, Zeev and Andi etc... RFC's are a good idea but as
> soon as they are posted to php-dev they are in the archives and it will be
> big pain in the arse putting them in CVS due to the karma thing and people
> who dont have cvs access. php-dev is there so use it, yes we should
> formalise some of the more important discussions but it should all take
> place on php-dev.

Discussion about RFC's would have taken place at php-dev, of course.

For the rest of your arguments, you're right, as long as it goes about minor
issues. But I believe it is not true when it comes to really heavy issues,
such as syntax of private object-vars (just an example).

The question is now, is it worth the effort of a complete RFC process for
that, or would a mere formalization of the important discussions, as you
suggest, do?
On the other hand, the latter one could be named 'RFC process', since it
hasn't yet been defined what the heck it is precisely...

> - James


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