> With what end in mind is an RFC to be created for? In the IETF, RFC's are
> typically long, complex, and authoritative. They are often referenced for
> after their inception.
> Do you honestly think we could (or want to) achieve this
> with PHP feature RFC's? Or will they be used only before initial feature
> implementation, then quickly outdated and discarded? That is my biggest
> with documents: they take a lot of effort to create, are often difficult
> grok, and _almost always_ have a very short lifecycle.

They should _not_ be too technical, _not_ too long, but yet as simple as
possible, but exactly as precise enough to be relatively unambigious if you
know about the PHP conventions. For example like that zend engine 2 white

But they need to be updated, and not discarded.

They shouldn't be too hard to create, and definitely not too hard to grok. A
simple template could help achieving this.

All of the above IMHO,


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