On Wed, 15 Aug 2001, James Moore wrote:

> RFC.. Request For Comments, its as simple as that someone posts a document
> outlining what they want changed/want to do, calls it an RFC and is
> litterally making a request for comments on their idea. I think this is a
> good idea for large things but if we encourage too much we will suddenly be
> flooded with RFC's all over the place then they begin to conflict.. I think
> that if someone feels somthing is really important then an RFC is a good
> idea but I certainly dont want a couple a week to plough through.

With what end in mind is an RFC to be created for? In the IETF, RFC's are
typically long, complex, and authoritative. They are often referenced for years
after their inception. Do you honestly think we could (or want to) achieve this
with PHP feature RFC's? Or will they be used only before initial feature
implementation, then quickly outdated and discarded? That is my biggest problem
with documents: they take a lot of effort to create, are often difficult to
grok, and _almost always_ have a very short lifecycle.


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