> The work on Zend Engine 2 has now started, _without_ a proper definition
> it. IMHO, that's not the ideal situation, since this could lead to strange
> inconsequences, because the precise behaviour is decided during
> implementation.

Umm what about the white paper that was prepaired before work on Zend Engine
2 started?? http://www.zend.com/engine2/ZendEngine-2.0.pdf

> For example bug 10437, which wouldn't have existed if the
> zend engine was properly defined _before_ it was implemented. But it
> was the easiest way to implement it...

Probably the the best way too.. not that Ive read 10437 cause Im currently

> As you say, for 'light' changes, no official RFC should be created, it
> necessary, mainly because:
> > at the moment there is no democratic process in PHP, people
> > just do what they want

Yes this is part of opensource, people will do what they want to do, If I
want some feature in PHP Ill program it, the general direction of PHP should
be decided by a group of people yes but it gets to a point where everyone is
saying we should do it this way, that way or another way and in the end
nothing gets done, at the moment people see what others are doing and
question it if necessary, if its their extension then they are free to do
what they want with it.

- James

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