Jeroen wrote:
> They should _not_ be too technical, _not_ too long, but yet as simple as
> possible, but exactly as precise enough to be relatively unambigious if
> know about the PHP conventions. For example like that zend engine 2 white
> paper.
> But they need to be updated, and not discarded.
> They shouldn't be too hard to create, and definitely not too hard to grok.
> simple template could help achieving this.
> All of the above IMHO,

    I think that the most basic problems that we encounter are:

        The information from a given discussion becomes more and more
        difficult to access as time passes.

        We perform additional work due to the above problem.

    If we can have a simple system that is easy to browse and use for
    these issues, I think that would be perfect...

    The system would work something like this:

    Each person has an account in the system.
    Someone makes a proposal.


        Proposal: Foo
        Incorporate feature foo into the Zend engine.

        The foo feature would do bar and baz.


    Other developers would respond to the proposal.

    All interested developers could discuss the issue on a mailing list or
    threaded forum - however all interested developer would have to simply
    explicitly state their current position on their account.


        Zak Greant

        Proposal Foo
        Position: [x] Strongly Support
                  [ ] Support
                  [ ] Neutral
                  [ ] Oppose
                  [ ] Strongly Oppose

        Position statement (one or two sentences)
        [ I believe that foo would elegantly solve problem x, while
          true to the PHP idiom ]

    A status page would report on the proposals and positions of the various

    Something like:
    [--- choose a proposal --][+]

    Once a proposal had been chosen, you would see a list like:

    Proposal: Foo*
    Rasmus     +0    This should help fix issue x and bug y.
    Richard     -
    Sascha     +0    This proposal supports RFC 10921 in a good way.
    Sterling   -0    RFC 10921 is kind of strange.
    Torben     -1    There is already too much foo in the language.
    Zak        +1    Proposal foo must be obeyed
    Zeev       -0    We don't need foo, we can just modify bar.

    * "The characters and opinions portrayed and the names used herein are
fictitious and any
            resemblance to the names, character, or history of any person is
coincidental and unintentional!" ;)

    +1: Strongly Support
    +0: Support
     0: Neutral
    -0: Oppose
    -1: Strongly Oppose

     -: Have not commented

    We would still be able to have good, detailed discussions without being
too formal
    or losing data. We could easily see what was going on with a discussion
without having
    to dig through %$^&-loads of email. Plus everything would be archived
for future ref.

    For really important stuff, we can do an RFC after the discussion.


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