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>> Hello,
>> Can someone pass on some suggestions of some good, simple file upload 'in
>> progress' code?
>> Maybe as simple as changing the cursor icon for the duration?
> [self snip!]
> http://www.johnboy.com/about-us/news/a-useful-php-file-upload-progress-meter
> seems to be the "cleanest" example I can find - would this be fair to say?

Google Gears makes it very easy and can make it very simple (no
webserver configuration required) to basically slice the file up and
send chunks via POST - I need to publish all the code and a howto, and
Valery has written some code for nginx that might make it alleviate
the need for PHP to be involved at all - I have still not tested that
though, but the PHP code required is only like 10 lines or so, the
Gears stuff is pretty basic Javascript and since it's Javascript you
can make it match your UI perfectly by filling in div tags or whatever
else you want (works great with jQuery)

Actually I have a demo, not the cleanest code if you view the source
but you get the idea. It also works over NFS with multiple webservers
writing to the same file (I have 3 webservers behind LVS so
technically your request could be going to any of them)

http://mikehost.com/~mike/tmp/u/ <- frontend and view source to see gears + js
http://mikehost.com/~mike/tmp/u/temp.php.txt <- server side piece

I can't find the latest/cleanest code, but it gives you an idea.

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