on 04/22/2009 04:46 PM scubak1w1 said the following:
> I am thinking that is where I am at... as you said, the user just needs to 
> know that there computer is busy, hang on a second already!  <grin>
> I like those icons - if I may be so bold though, and excuse the broadness of 
> the question, are you / can you use some Javascript to display this as the 
> file uploads? I am already using AJAX on the page/form so I guess I could 
> add an icon to the page before I run the PHO to upload the file, yes?

You may want to take a look at this forms class that comes with an
upload progress plug-in.


That plug-in sends an AJAX/COMET request when the form upload starts and
the files are long enough, it shows a progress bar with some statistics
like upload speed, transferred data, remaining time, etc.. Here you can
see it working live:


You may also want to watch this tutorial video:



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