At 1:46 PM -0600 4/22/09, scubak1w1 wrote:
I am thinking that is where I am at... as you said, the user just needs to
know that there computer is busy, hang on a second already!  <grin>

I like those icons - if I may be so bold though, and excuse the broadness of
the question, are you / can you use some Javascript to display this as the
file uploads? I am already using AJAX on the page/form so I guess I could
add an icon to the page before I run the PHO to upload the file, yes?

BUT I do appreciate all of the other suggestions, very muich - some weekend
reading & experimenting I am thinking...   :-)

There's really no need for javascript.

Just direct the user to a page that provides the upload and have that page show the "loading" gif.

Look, make it easy on yourself. I could have saved a week, or more, of my life by taking that approach when I first thought of the question "What do I show the user while the file is uploading?" But no, I went the complete route of setting up communication between the client and server to track the upload -- that's not easy because php has no client-side functionality and javascript is prohibited from accessing the file information you need on the users machine (security concerns). So, it can't be done easily.

But in the end, users are like clients, there's no need to explain in detail what you are doing -- just make whatever it is work AND look good and everything will be okey-dokey by them.

To prove my point, the next time you see a good looking web site, try running it through the W3C validator. ( If clients were concerned about things being done right, there would be a lot more web sites validating.




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