"tedd" <tedd.sperl...@gmail.com> wrote in message 
> At 9:28 PM -0600 4/21/09, scubak1w1 wrote:
>>Can someone pass on some suggestions of some good, simple file upload 'in
>>progress' code?
> After all is said, you can pick anything you want from here:
> http://webbytedd.com/bb/wait/
> This is as simple as it gets for there is no simple solution.
> If you want a real-time upload progress bar, then you may find it too much 
> effort for the small return it provides. Yoyu might want to take the easy 
> way out like I did.
> Besides, what does a user expect anyway? They just want to know that 
> something is happening and an animated gif works as well as anything else. 
> Is it really important (or do they care) for them to know when 50% is 
> uploaded?

Thanks Tedd,

I am thinking that is where I am at... as you said, the user just needs to 
know that there computer is busy, hang on a second already!  <grin>

I like those icons - if I may be so bold though, and excuse the broadness of 
the question, are you / can you use some Javascript to display this as the 
file uploads? I am already using AJAX on the page/form so I guess I could 
add an icon to the page before I run the PHO to upload the file, yes?

BUT I do appreciate all of the other suggestions, very muich - some weekend 
reading & experimenting I am thinking...   :-) 

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