I honestly think this is a case of the subject being broached in a
less-than-super-friendly-with-hugs-and-butterflies way and someone
getting unduly offended about that.  Why not chill out and look at
this objectively?  Mailing lists are historically, as I'm sure you
know, a nearly invaluable research for someone with a problem and a
search engine.  I would bet that there are few people who subscribe to
this list have never found a solution to a problem on a mailing list,
somewhere and somewhen.  I know I personally subscribed to this list
because quite a few questions I had when I was just starting out with
PHP came from here and I wasn't subscribing with a news reader at the

I think you (the OP) is being unnecessarily short-sighted in assuming
that 1, everyone has a news reader and uses it to read this list and
2, the threads are only relevant for the duration of their life.  The
posts here are archived here forever and ever and a rule that suggests
posting on either the top or the bottom of the list keeps it consisten
for future readers.  Breaking that convention because you don't like
it is just being grumpy and stickly for no other reason than you can,
and potentially harming future developers who could find the
information from this list a valuable resource.  I like the escalator
analogy, because either side of the escalator would do to allow people
who want to stand and people who want to walk up to co-exist in
harmony, yet there's a standard.  Luckily for us, this isn't the New
York subway where you get cursed at for standing on the wrong side (I
learned that lesson the wrong way when I moved here!).

In other words, it's not that top posting is empirically and
inherently a worse method than bottom posting, it's that it's a
generally accepted standard that helps ensure the longevity of posts
on this list.  If it was top posting, I'm sure replying would be a lot
easier to most of us, but like a dozen people said in the first
thread, it takes two seconds to move the cursor each time.  Why choose
to be overly ornery about a point so trivial?  It seems like you're
trying to turn this into a "Fight the Power" battle, when the only
power you're fighting are your peers.


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