Sorry if I wasnt clear enough, but I was looking for forum or may be the
way you called it message board for people to discuss topics.
Mostly its going to be a political Forum where people discuss major
political topics/news about their country.

So basically my search ended up with SMF as a software to do the job.

I really appreciate the input....



Bob McConnell wrote:
> From: mrfroasty
>> I need some advice in picking a PHP forum for a group of people, I
> know
>> there are couple of them but could somebody from here give advice on
>> which one to choose.
> Your request is a bit open ended. Are you looking for blogs, wiki,
> message based, or what?
> A couple of years ago we set up Dokuwiki as a grass roots effort in the
> development group. In just over a year we had 1100 pages created. It was
> so popular that management got into the act and decided to replace it
> with an officially supported Confluence server. Very few of us
> considered that an upgrade, but that's what happens when the PHB's get
> involved.
> I maintained the Dokuwiki server on a Red Hat system. It took about 30
> minutes a week to keep up. It's all PHP, with numerous add-on features
> and capabilities.
> Bob McConnell

Extra details:
OSS:Gentoo Linux
Hardware:msi geforce 8600GT asus p5k-se

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