I use a combination of procedural and OOP for my scripts. Mainly because I have a lot of old code I wrote before I understood OOP. Now that I do it makes my life so much easier because of the organizational and reusability benefits. In today's world I will gladly trade a little overhead for fasting coding. At work we have a quad processor IBM server with 4GB of RAM - no speed problems there. At home I use a 1.25GHz Mac Mini and no speed problems there either.

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On Aug 13, 2009, at 11:17 AM, Jaime Jose Perera Merino wrote:

Hi Ralph,

Sorry, I haven't understand your question.

Do you  think OOP isn't usefull for PHP? The PHP
task is just to output a text file but the process might involve
a lot of work: database access, communication with web services, etc.

Do you think duplicate code is better than use more memory?
What is your proposal?

I'm very interested in more opinions.

2009/8/13 Ralph Deffke <ralph_def...@yahoo.de>

Thanks Jaime,

very nice, but I'm a programmer since 1982 and into OOP since 1988 with the
outcome if IBM's C++ compiler on the OS2 platform.

Don't u think it could be reasonable to ask if such an overhead IN PHP is

does anybody agree that PHP might be the wrong language to accomplish such
designpattern. Specialy if I find classes about interpreting things.

Don't u think to blow up a servers memonry just to have a nice little
framework could be ask?

Don't u think it makes sence to remember that PHP is just to output a
text file?

Has inbedween all the OOP ability everybody forgotten that this is the
simple purpose?

Are there anybody who understands that PHP is an INTERPRETING language and has anybody an idear what is the amount of code running to do a simple

$something = new object();

versus echo $something

Design pattern are very good, standarizing even better. but would u agree that, out of Martins presented work, u can not see the how AND how fast the code is created to output the header the head and body and all other tags.

What I can see, the result will be a lot of code, lots of includes for a
view bytes.

For me, wrong language with unneccesary overhead.

as i can see there must be some more folks out there thinking  a bit
similar, or why is the feetback so relatively poor.

and at least u create design pattern for a PURPOSE.

so again for what pupose are this overhead in PHP
As long as nobody tells me for what benefit this work is done I would say the design pattern should be done in other packages ready made for that
an PHP output.

this would not affect any server resources.

now after more then 25 years behind the keyboard I got possibly a bit
lets open the discussion.


"Jaime Jose Perera Merino" <jaimejper...@gmail.com> wrote in message
Hi Ralph.

If u want to understand the Martin's job u need to read about
design patterns. A good place to start? Wikipedia (

The use of Design patterns is an advanced programming method.
It helps us to improve our object oriented programation.

I hope this helps you,


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