Martin Zvarík wrote:
Ralph Deffke napsal(a):

OOP is the best ever inventet !!!!!

see my comments on this list, I will also come up with an pure oop
opensource OMS very soon.

I just think a dam big pattern catalog like this one is like an elephant
chacing mice. I mean I can think of customers asking for a documentation of
course of the page u created for them calling the next day asking wher the
hell are the code for the page are documented in the 1000 pages of
documentation u had to give them.

I can think of two of my largest customers with their intranet application
with 23000 members and more then 50000 hits during working hours where I
startet sweating while figting for every 1ms.

I'm thinking of people with even more hits a day, they even dont start using
so I dont know if thats the right way to blow up with includes  and
thousands of classes.

I deeply and completely agree.

Yes, certainly optimize on an as-needed basis. But well written PHP code should certainly scale quite well horizontally. Extremely traffic laden websites are quite likely to see a bottleneck at the database before a bottleneck in the code.

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