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> Hey all,
> Anyone ever use the Magento shopping cart? Pluses, minuses, 
> opinions? I have a client that is pretty adamant about using 
> it, but I've found over just about any I've used I can do a 
> better service to the client by writing them from scratch. 
> It's easy and they always get exactly what they want.
> I see they seem to have a lot of plug ins, but I think someone 
> just told him it is the best cart to use so he's sort of 
> fixated on it.
> Like I said, I typically find I can custom write one with 
> better results. I found xCart, for example, to contain some of 
> the worst code I had ever seen and it turned me off to third 
> party carts.
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I've not used it myself, but I know people who have. The main problems
you'll face if you write it from scratch is that of going up against
tried and tested code. Magento has a large user base behind it, with
feedback that improves it's feature list and security features. Why
spend ages reinventing the wheel?

As far as I'm aware as well, Magento is still in active development, so
you know you will be safe using it for quite a while.


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