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> Ashley Sheridan wrote:
>> Why spend ages reinventing the wheel?
i whole heartedly agree.

> I've come across so many clients using third party carts who have been
> unhappy with the final results. I hear so often "It does eighty percent of
> what we need, but we do things like this [insert idiosyncratic business
> practice here]."

thats why a lot of the modern incarnations have embraced the concept of
modularization, eg. plugins / skins etc. etc.

just look back a os-commerce / zen-cart; the notion of skins they had was
horrific, basically since the ui was intertwined w/ logic, skins were tied
to revs of the application - ouch!  the community has matured a lot since
then from what i gather.

> And then getting a third party cart to do what they wanted was often either
> incredibly frustrating/time consuming, or often just not doable.

i think in most cases, anymore, youre mainly looking at ramp-up time on how
to use / customize / extend an existing third party system.  while that can
be sucky, you should really weigh the trade-off between that and getting
beaten over the head w/ requests to develop the most common place
look-and-feel customization crap / features.  ive started to lean towards
the former in my personal career, having come from zealous devotion to the
later in my initial years in the industry.

> Yes, writing a cart takes time, but I've found I can whip them out pretty
> easily, and I have a lot of code I reuse all the time. I pretty much have a
> complete basic cart stored away, but I intentionally keep its functionality
> to a minimum so that I can expand on it to their specifications.

ok, well, when your custom cart has all the features of magento / [your fav
e-commerce platform here] let me know.  ill have finished up the proprietary
plugins that make my site unique and have forgotten pretty much everything
about silly crap id never want to write - like custom look at feel, crm,
reports etc etc.

o and also, when you have as many users / devs hitting your codebase as some
of the popular platforms, im interested in hearing about that as well, lol.


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