Hey all,

So I'm more comfortable all the time with using Magento, more I read, and Ryan said, "Its great, I have been using it for over 2 years very flexible platform very easy to manipulate, and the end user admin is second to none mate." ... "Mate?"...

Are there Aussies on this list? ;)

Anyway, what about skinning this animal. If I install it will our designer be able to put the site's custom look and feel into it?

Ryan, what do you think?


Nathan Nobbe wrote:
On Mon, Feb 1, 2010 at 3:22 PM, Skip Evans <s...@bigskypenguin.com> wrote:

I'm not totally opposed to using Magento, though I can see my comments,
especially if it's what the client wants.

I have been looking over the site and it does have a lot of features so I
can see it saving some serious time, especially given the extras he wants.

So Nathan, having used it, do you have any tips for a Magento newbie when
it comes to integrating it with a custom site?

I havent used it yet, but we are considering using it as a second-gen
platform at my new place of biz.  initial glimpses are promising, but it
appears to be a somewhat complex offering compared to say wordpress w/ an
e-commerce plugin.

i imagine there may be other tradeoffs as well, like a number of general
purpose plugins and probly more look & feel options in wordpress than

I haven't found any integration documentation for programmers yet.

google for magento extension and it looks like you may have to hit the
appropriate mailing list for more details.

fwiw, afaik, x-cart is one of those older e-commerce platforms circa
os-commerce / zencart days.  the code is ass, but frankly that damn thing
has installations up all over the net (or did once upon a time, lol).


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