Op 2/1/10 10:02 PM, Skip Evans schreef:
> Hey all,
> Anyone ever use the Magento shopping cart? Pluses, minuses, opinions? I
> have a client that is pretty adamant about using it, but I've found over
> just about any I've used I can do a better service to the client by
> writing them from scratch. It's easy and they always get exactly what
> they want.
> I see they seem to have a lot of plug ins, but I think someone just told
> him it is the best cart to use so he's sort of fixated on it.
> Like I said, I typically find I can custom write one with better
> results. I found xCart, for example, to contain some of the worst code I
> had ever seen and it turned me off to third party carts.

I find the only time a custom solution is suitable is when there is a large
budget and very specific requirements, which usually translates into atleast:

1. specialized discounting mechanisms
2. tight integration with a 'big' backend system (e.g. SAP, Siebel, etc)
3. custom data-related workflows

I just spent some time looking at XCart for someone - seeing the frontend I 
the requested changes would be a piece fo cake, the reality is that making those
changes was practically impossible and definitely not ecomonically viable. the 
code is complete pants.

I also took a dive into the Magento codebase, a quick perusal shows a well 
structure, tidy code, well commented, modular. looks very good really - learning
curve is a bit steep but that's down to the fact that it's a very complete and
sophicated package ... additionally there is a big, well organized community 
it ... I would hazard a guess and say that it's a very good bet.

> Skip

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