Skip Evans wrote on 01/02/2010 22:02:
Hey all,

Anyone ever use the Magento shopping cart? Pluses, minuses, opinions? I have a client that is pretty adamant about using it, but I've found over just about any I've used I can do a better service to the client by writing them from scratch. It's easy and they always get exactly what they want.

I just installed it a couple of days ago, took me an hour and 5 minutes incl. installing danish and make different kind of troubleshooting during the installation. Make sure your database user has at least (haven't had the time to investigave yet) ALTER privileges otherwise the install fails and it's rather wierd to continue the installation after giving the DB user the righs privileges.

I see they seem to have a lot of plug ins, but I think someone just told him it is the best cart to use so he's sort of fixated on it.

It sure looks cool, that I must say.

Like I said, I typically find I can custom write one with better results. I found xCart, for example, to contain some of the worst code I had ever seen and it turned me off to third party carts.

I sort of have the same opinion, but this was a fast install and there's lots of admin features.

However as you write elsewhere in this thread, knowing your own code makes it easy to make changes. This is definetly going to take longer with Magento since you don't know the code. Make sure you customer understands this.

A good example: the "search" button is an image, so this is not translated into danish, that could be a potential design problem, if in thai search it translated to "rapapupapikiwikital" :-)

Kind regards
Kim Emax -

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