Hi All,

I need to find a skilled PHP dev, UK based, with long term availability,
 in the short term to join me on a project and ultimately be prepared to
take over the project and "own" it. Remote contract work w/ occasional
meetings on site.

In all honesty, the client and the project is the best I've ever had,
rates are fantastic, tech stack is great and you get the chance to work
with every new technology you want + implement for a gracious client.

You will need to be an experienced developer with numerous apps under
your belt, be willing to learn (a lot) and, well here's the skills list:

Must already have:
 PHP 5 OO & knowledge of design patterns + software architecture
 Linux server management (apache/ubuntu/ldap)
 SVN, a good IDE, Unit Testing w/ PHPUnit, Coding Standards, PHPDoc
 Javascript + JQuery

Will need but can teach:
 RDF / Linked Data
 SPARQL (+Extensions)
 Virtuoso 5/6
 OWL (/2)

Nice to have:
 Familiarity with:
    Kohana and Zend Frameworks
    REST and WebDav, HTTP/1.1 Protocol
    Spatial / GEO data
    Continuous Integration and phpUnderControl
    Google Earth Plugin
    n-tier applications & EAV/CR
    OpenID / OpenAuth etc

As a bonus you also get to know that the work you do has positive
impacts on real people in many of the worlds poorest nations :)

Do email me; off-list; on the above address or nat...@webr3.org if
you're interested.

Many Regards,


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