Nathan Rixham wrote:
> Manuel Lemos wrote:
>> Hello,
>> on 02/15/2010 11:37 AM Nathan Rixham said the following:
>>> I need to find a skilled PHP dev, UK based, with long term availability,
>>>  in the short term to join me on a project and ultimately be prepared to
>>> take over the project and "own" it. Remote contract work w/ occasional
>>> meetings on site.
>> You may want to try searching PHP professionals with the specific skills
>> you need here:
>> Or you may want to try to post a job here:
> Manuel,
> I'm sure there are some very talented people on your site (and in the
> community) - one slight problem though, I won't use you're website under
> any circumstance (been there, done that).
> You make every interaction with your site a horrible, painful
> interaction that is purely there to get as many adverts as you can in
> front of people, so that you can bleed every cent possible from the hard
> work and effort of PHP developers and innocent users. In short, you take
> advantage of your users, members and the PHP community - I've never seen
> such a bold and ongoing attempt to profit on the hard work and good will
> of PHP developers, ever, period.
> And then, you have the good thought to come on here and SPAM the hell
> out of your site at every opportunity.
> ps: clicked the two links
> All I can see at this one is a list of "O.... ....." which isn't much
> good to me or the developer that's supposed to represent - and surprise
> surprise to view any of there information I have to register, sign up
> and buy a premium subscription - so no, no information there that was
> off use at all in any way.
> And here I can pay $75, $60 or "Very delayed - Job announcements that
> are notified first only to featured professionals, and then much later
> to all other users after 23 days for only 7 days." - think I'll give
> that one a miss.
> Thank you very much for all you're help and sorry you couldn't bleed
> some money out of me on this occasion - perhaps you'll manage with
> you're next spam to the list.
> Regards,
> Nathan

pps: quote: "Do email me; *off-list*; on the above address or if you're interested." - which would avoid situations
like this, and noise + spam getting through to the list ;)


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