Manuel Lemos wrote:
> Hello,
> on 02/15/2010 11:37 AM Nathan Rixham said the following:
>> I need to find a skilled PHP dev, UK based, with long term availability,
>>  in the short term to join me on a project and ultimately be prepared to
>> take over the project and "own" it. Remote contract work w/ occasional
>> meetings on site.
> You may want to try searching PHP professionals with the specific skills
> you need here:
> Or you may want to try to post a job here:


I'm sure there are some very talented people on your site (and in the
community) - one slight problem though, I won't use you're website under
any circumstance (been there, done that).

You make every interaction with your site a horrible, painful
interaction that is purely there to get as many adverts as you can in
front of people, so that you can bleed every cent possible from the hard
work and effort of PHP developers and innocent users. In short, you take
advantage of your users, members and the PHP community - I've never seen
such a bold and ongoing attempt to profit on the hard work and good will
of PHP developers, ever, period.

And then, you have the good thought to come on here and SPAM the hell
out of your site at every opportunity.

ps: clicked the two links
All I can see at this one is a list of "O.... ....." which isn't much
good to me or the developer that's supposed to represent - and surprise
surprise to view any of there information I have to register, sign up
and buy a premium subscription - so no, no information there that was
off use at all in any way.
And here I can pay $75, $60 or "Very delayed - Job announcements that
are notified first only to featured professionals, and then much later
to all other users after 23 days for only 7 days." - think I'll give
that one a miss.

Thank you very much for all you're help and sorry you couldn't bleed
some money out of me on this occasion - perhaps you'll manage with
you're next spam to the list.



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