Nathan Rixham wrote:

You make every interaction with your site a horrible, painful
interaction that is purely there to get as many adverts as you can in
front of people, so that you can bleed every cent possible from the hard
work and effort of PHP developers and innocent users. In short, you take
advantage of your users, members and the PHP community.

While you are entitled to your opinion, as someone with a few classes on that site I do not feel taken advantage of in the slightest.

I find it to be a great resource for finding existing classes that often do exactly what I need but is not available in pear, and I also have found it to be an excellent resource for seeing how other coders solved certain problems.

Yes, there are advertisements on the site. Some of the advertisers donate useful products to be given as innovation awards and I assume some of them do not. Resources like that are not free to operate.

I use to run a yum repository for RHEL/CentOS that provided packages from Fedora/Livna that were not available in EPEL.

I had to close it down because after a couple months, my bandwidth costs were way too high. I do not know what phpclasses uses in terms of bandwidth, but I do not blame him for trying to cover his costs or even profiting from the service he provides, I find it to be a service that is of a great benefit to me.

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