on 02/16/2010 10:54 PM Ashley Sheridan said the following:
> I myself do find the site confusing to navigate, which doesn't always
> help when looking for a PHP class to fit in a project that's already

That is a bit vague as you do not mention explicitly what is confusing.
Sometimes I read comments like yours and do not have a clear idea of
what people find so confusing. Maybe it helps if you can be more explicit.

Anyway, I don't know if you have accessed the site lately, but a few
months ago the site made available the internal site search engine to
every user, which before that was only available to premium users.

Until them regular users would see a co-branded version of the Google
site search. That was not good for searching a site with many sections,
as results of different site sections would appear totally mixed.

The internal site search provides a better solution because it splits
results into tabs: packages, reviews, blogs, forums, videos, etc..


> With charging for the open source items, that does seem a little
> old-fashioned. What about allowing the contributors to offer up paid
> support for their code, with the site taking a cut. Charging for the
> support and documentation of an open-source system is a model that seems
> quite popular in the open source world (look at a lot of Linux distros,
> for example). You'll still have people being a bit tight and not wanting
> to pay, but there will be more people (I think) that would want to pay
> for the documentation if it was reasonably priced.
> In fact, a system like that could possibly improve the state of
> documentation for some systems.

The question is whether that would provide enough revenue to justify an
investment in developing something like that?

Anyway, there is already a PHP specialists forum. It is forum that you
may go and ask tough questions about PHP development and related subjects.


All questions are answered by either me or any premium subscriber. The
advantage for premium subscribers is that they can expose their contacts
in case you want to hire them to provide paid consultancy.

Many premium subscribers are actually winners or nominees of the
innovation award, so often they are developers above the average. So,
they often provide very good answers and also get private requests to
provide paid work.

Despite, PHP specialists forum is restricted and you can only see the
responses if you are a premium subscriber, if you are a regular user of
the site you can post a question there for free. If you have a though
problem to solve, you may try it now for free in the address above.


Manuel Lemos

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