Robert Cummings wrote:
Rene Veerman wrote:
+1 for top-posting..
-1 to compensate .....

proper nettiquette is to put replies beneath the quotes you're
replying to, and deleting the rest.

ultimately this 'rule' of bottomposting is laziness of the ones who
like that style of quoting.
they want everyone to conform to their favorite method, so they can
read more efficiently.

Lists have their own rules for consistency. It is simply discourteous not to follow those rules just because you do not like them.

Adherence to standards generally makes lives easier. Since the
netiquette document likely pre-dates your cognitive awareness of the
Internet, I think you're in poor company to ignore it. Iconoclasm can be
a fun lifestyle, but sometimes iconoclasts are just pricks.

I would have no problem with top posters if they BOTHERED to actual read what they ARE quoting. Have a look at some of the threads on the likes of yahoogroups where every copy of the advertising is included in the reply. Here is not quite so bad, although the security mesages included with some sigs add to the noise.

We have lost the best FUD from Daevid ...
That bottom posting crap is so antiquated and outdated my dinosaur doesn't
even follow it.

BOTH methods have been around as long as one another and BOTH have a place if used properly. As far as *I* am concerned, top posters should have 'autoquote' simply switched off! And YES bottom posters should kill the quoting if only including a 'me to' line!

What is really needed is a GOOD email client that does a proper job ( including replying to the list automatically to get around the other anoyance of having to 'reply all' on lists like this and include several direct addresses - but that is another thread! ). I have all of my email correspondence back to 1998 ( and some well before that ) filed and search-able so I can go back and check things when I need to. Yes 95% is probably crap, and some day I will destroy a few folders, but I can scan any thread and see what has gone on, so I only need appropriate quoting - INLINE!

Rule one should be don't include anything AFTER what you have written unless it IS actually necessary. Don't quote just because someone may not be following the thread.

( And I make no apology for the upper case as I am a dinosaur who found things a lot easier with text messages when teletype machines added lower case characters :) In those days NOTHING unnecessary was included )

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