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> You didn't used to be so difficult, what changed?
> For me it's preferable to select windmills that are in my best 
> interest to tilt. Otherwise, what's the point?
> Cheers,
> tedd

(look I'm bottom posting!)

I wasn't trying to be difficult! Honest!
Yousif hijacked my thread to tell me to bottom post. I did the right thing
IMHO, and split to a brand new message/thread (to keep the 'thread' thread
on track), with relevant subject line, and gave my retort as to why I don't
agree and why I prefer top posting. I didn't intend for it to be the same
tired top/bottom post argument we've seen numerous times in the decade or
so I've been on this list.

But I have to say, I'm a little bit honored and flattered even, that the
legendary Tedd Sperling even knows who I am let alone takes note of how I
"used to be". :)  That makes my day!


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