On Thu, 25 Mar 2010, Rene Veerman wrote:

> +1 for top-posting..

  *sigh*.  you're joking, right?  you're seriously telling me that
there are people who are still sufficiently ignorant and childish that
they're still fighting this top- versus bottom-posting war?

  the war is over.  the consensus is that bottom-posting, accompanied
by sufficient trimming of extraneous material, is the norm.  it's
accepted.  it's documented.  it's the standard.  if you can't deal
with that, then i suggest you find another medium for communication.

  honestly, i can't take another one of these idiotic top- versus
bottom-posting debates.  while this mailing list has been immensely
useful so far, i'm unsubscribing.  when the whiny children on this
list have either grown up or moved on, let me know.  life is too short
to fight these same bullshit battles over and over again.


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