On Thu, Mar 25, 2010 at 07:28, Rene Veerman <rene7...@gmail.com> wrote:
> +1 for top-posting..
> proper nettiquette is to put replies beneath the quotes you're
> replying to, and deleting the rest.

So why are you not doing it?

> ultimately this 'rule' of bottomposting is laziness of the ones who
> like that style of quoting.
> they want everyone to conform to their favorite method, so they can
> read more efficiently.

It's not laziness. It's just easier reading from top to bottom than
having to jump around in the text like you have to when people are top

On the contrary, I would say it's more lazy just dumping the entire
email you're replying to on the bottom without trimming things that
are irrelevant to your reply, advertisements (die Hotmail!), mailing
list footers, signatures, etc.

> however, given that this is a tips-list, i'd like this bottom posting
> rule removed from the mailinglist rules.
> it's been used yesterday as a way to attack me on a second front
> during a heated debate about the future evolution of php
> (threading+shared-mem).. up until yesterday, nobody complained about
> my top-posting, because the tips i give are apparently considered
> useful.
> And thats the point eh? The quality of the tips?

The point is that it's easier to read correspondence when things are
formatted properly with *inline* quoting. This becomes even more
important on mailing lists where there are multiple participants, and
on threads like the one you are referring to that is now up to 228

> Seriously, programmers who are not flexible enough to accept tips in a
> top _or_ bottom _or_ mixed format....
> It sounds really silly to me.

It has nothing to do with flexibility. It's easier reading inline
posted replies than top posted replies. That's how quoting works all
other places as well. It also makes it easier to address multiple
points in an email when you are inline posting. It's very clear what
you are referring to.

Any proper client will differentiate visually between quotes and and
non-quotes, so if you can remember *all* the emails in the thread you
can just skip over the quotes.

> Pushing all other humans to use your habits is silly when you can code
> an addon for any email program that puts things in the right order.

Sorry, that's just ridiculous. Why should we code a plugin that fixes
your emails to put them in the right order when you can just do it
from the start? You're even acknowledging that you're posting in the
wrong order now.

Daniel Egeberg

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