On Thu, 2010-03-25 at 08:28 +0200, Rene Veerman wrote:

> proper nettiquette is to put replies beneath the quotes you're
> replying to, and deleting the rest.
> ultimately this 'rule' of bottomposting is laziness of the ones who
> like that style of quoting.
> they want everyone to conform to their favorite method, so they can
> read more efficiently.

It's not laziness, it's netiquette. There are rules for this mailing
list, and following them helps everyone. You're blatantly ignoring the
rules in an 'I know best attitude again'.

> however, given that this is a tips-list, i'd like this bottom posting
> rule removed from the mailinglist rules.
> it's been used yesterday as a way to attack me on a second front
> during a heated debate about the future evolution of php

Not every person who disagrees with you is doing so out of spite to you.
There isn't a secret group of people with a vendetta against you, just
people trying to put their point of view across. The top-vs-bottom
posting isn't an issue that needs to be discussed though. It's been
in-place since the beginning of the list, and for the main, people
conform to it. It's the exceptions that cause problems and make the
threads harder to follow.

What gives you the right to demand it's changed? I've been posting to
the list for well over a year now, and even I wouldn't presume to start
changing rules just because I didn't like them or I was too lazy to
bother with them.

> Seriously, programmers who are not flexible enough to accept tips in a
> top _or_ bottom _or_ mixed format....
> It sounds really silly to me.

This list isn't just for programmers. It's for professionals and
beginners alike. Surely it makes sense to make the list as accessible as
possible for people?


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