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Subject: [PHP] In need of CVS/SVN checkout script for Production servers

Semi-off-topic, but I'm pretty sure you all are faced with this same
challenge, I figured it's worth a shot and maybe some flaming.

I'm looking for a script (bash or php) that I would run on my production
web server that would do this or close to it:

        1. do a CVS/SVN checkout to a new timestamped directory
        2. change the symlink from the old directory
        3. change permissions to www-data:www-data on new directory
        4. and possibly tarball up the old directory.

I'm assuming this is a fairly common task, and I actually wrote one of
these at my previous job, but I can't find the script anymore. I remember it's not quite as trivial as it sounds and took a few hours to perfect, so
I thought I'd try to save myself some time. :)
I have some other useful SVN scripts here if anyone is interested:

Well, here is the one I'm using. I ended up just writing one (again!)

http://www.daevid.com/content/examples/snippets.php :: "Production
Deployment Script"

It appears your browser does not support some of the advanced features this site requires.

Please use Internet Explorer or Firefox.

getting that in chrome 5.0.375.29 beta - what advanced features am I (and chrome) missing?

sounds like I'm being negative, but I'm not :)

tip though; degrade gracefully mate, don't break the net for non-required features.



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