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> At 1:10 PM -0700 5/4/10, Daevid Vincent wrote:
>> Well, here is the one I'm using. I ended up just writing one (again!)
>> http://www.daevid.com/content/examples/snippets.php :: "Production
>> Deployment Script"
> What?!?
> Advanced features??
> -snip-

Just want to add my +1 to this. I'm running Safari, which most definitely
will support whatever advanced features you put in there, and I'm being
blocked. Putting aside the level of standards compliance of your site, you
really should blacklist browsers instead of whitelisting them. Sites should
never become inaccessible if your browser lacks features, and even if the
entire site revolves around some fancy Javascript, you should at least
provide a "go ahead at your own risk" link in case you're accidentally
shutting out the wrong browser.

Here's an example from a site I made a while ago which mimics the workings
of Gmail. It's accessible to screen readers through alternative content, and
if you're trying to visit using IE6 (we consciously decided not to apply
browser fixes for it), you get the following message:



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