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> At 1:10 PM -0700 5/4/10, Daevid Vincent wrote:
> >Well, here is the one I'm using. I ended up just writing one (again!)
> >
> >http://www.daevid.com/content/examples/snippets.php :: "Production
> >Deployment Script"
> What?!?
> Advanced features??
> I know you don't mean it, but you certainly know how to piss people 
> off. You are not going to like what I have to say, but please accept 
> the following as constructive criticism with no personal intent meant.
> The site fails W3C CSS validation with 96 errors.
> The site fails W3C HTML validation with 92 errors and 9 warnings.
> I have not run into a site like this since before the turn of this 
> century where we had browser wars. The problem isn't just with my 
> browser, but many more as you can see here:
> http://www.browsercam.com/public.aspx?proj_id=516739
> The page (not addressing the entire site) is riddled with embedded 
> javascript and embedded styling both of which are considered bad from.
> I haven't even addressed accessibility, graceful degradation, or 
> separation of content from presentation from behavior all of which 
> are the goals of "best practices" sites -- and all of which this site 
> fails miserably.
> My advice, which I realize that you didn't ask for, is if you want to 
> provide something of substance, then do so for all and not just the 
> privileged elite who think they are the leading edge with this type 
> of "gimmick" nonsense. This site is a step backward into the old 
> browser wars.
> Of course, I could tell you what I really think, but I don't want to 
> be too abrasive. :-)
> Cheers,
> tedd

*sigh* once again you people focus on something SOOOO off topic compared to
the meat of the thread -- which is a production repository checkout script.

As for my site.

[*] I wrote it like 4 years ago or more when there were TWO browsers worth
mentioning: IE and FF.
[*] I used a 3rd party JS library from www.ceiton.com -- who are pretty
much dormant.
[*] The cieton code is not only compressed and impossible to debug, but
often written in German!
[*] I've looked at it a few times over the years to try and remove the
    because I also agree that most modern browsers should be able to handle
the JS at this point.
[*] I really don't care about the fringe browsers of Chrome, Opera,
Konquerer, Blackberry, whatever (for my PERSONAL HOME PAGE)
[*] http://www.w3schools.com/browsers/browsers_stats.asp
[*] http://marketshare.hitslink.com/report.aspx?qprid=0 
[*] I'm sorry your using a browser that falls under the top 25%. 
    In fact ALL the browsers besides IE and FF don't even add up to 16% of
the ENTIRE market. 
    Give me a break man. I've got more important things to do.
[*] If you don't have Firefox, well then let me tell you where to go 
    download it for free: http://www.mozilla.com 
    They make it for all major OS's in case you didn't know.
[*] Honestly, I also dislike Apple. I think it's stupid for them to make a
browser. I think they make crappy products. I HATE my iPod. I am a Linux
guy (or was until I realized my time was too valuable to keep wasting on
Linux as a Desktop), and WANTED to LOVE OSX. I sold the damn notebook after
a month of owning it. OSX blows. It's too dumbed down IMHO (as is Windows7,
but that's another topic). In light of recent events where they fired a guy
for showing that even more stupid iPad (great, a big iPhone that can't even
call) to Wozniak and then going after Gizmodo, I have even more distain for
them. So I really have no care to support them in any way shape or form. If
the site works for Safari, fine. If not, oh well, change your USER_AGENT
string or get Firefox/IE.

As for CSS, inline styles, separation of logic, and all that other stuff
you ASSUME I don't use -- you are very wrong. I just happen to use a lot of
PHP to dynamically create various parts. In some cases I inline styles
where they are used one time or used in a PHP function. I freely admit that
there is some archaic code there too. Code that I'm not about to go back
and re-factor at this stage. I know much more now than I did then. I would
certainly do things differently, and the next time I get a wild-hair up my
ass and a few days of that elusive commodity known as "free time" to code
up a new design I will.  Again, this is my personal site that's only
purpose is to show some pictures and other random shit.

And with all due respect Tedd -- as I know you're an icon here and I've
learned many things from you myself. If I had to choose between my
daevid.com site and one of the three you (presumably) illustrate as beacons
of "the way to do it" (http://sperling.com  http://ancientstones.com
http://earthstones.com), then I would take my site any day of the week.
These three sites harkon back to the days of command line Linx/Links and
text based web pages in Mosaic using blue hyperlinks with purple visited
indicators, gray backgrounds and <blink> tags. Of course your sites degrade
nicely, they're ALL one step up from a page of text. The scream "elitist"
W3C/Linux user. Yuk.


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