Actually, adding extensions (even normally bundled ones) to the stock Snow 
Leopard PHP is quite easy:

1) Download the source tarball of php and unpack it

2) cd into ext/name_of_the_extension (like ext/intl in your case)

3) run phpize

4) run ./configure with appropriate flags

5) make install

Then you just enable the freshly built .so file in your php.ini and you are 

On Jul 28, 2012, at 12:25 AM, Tamara Temple wrote:

> JeffPGMT <> wrote:
>> Please correct me if I'm wrong and IMAP is available (maybe a known config 
>> issue?)
>> Mac OSX 10.7, Using the pre-installed Apache & Php, IMAP is not installed, 
>> pulled out my Apple for this server OS.
> I don't know if it is, but something below seems very odd to me:
>> $ php -v
>> PHP Warning:  PHP Startup: Unable to load dynamic library 
>> '/usr/lib/php/extensions/no-debug-non-zts-20090626/php_imap.dll' - 
>> dlopen(/usr/lib/php/extensions/no-debug-non-zts-20090626/php_imap.dll, 9): 
>> image not found in Unknown on line 0
> I might be wrong here on 10.7, as I haven't even migrated off 10.5, but,
> I've never seen a .dll file on a mac -- they're windows dynamic link
> libraries. I think somehow things are little messed up there...
> Someone has suggested installing MAMP, which is a much better solution
> in general that what Apple supplies. The issue is knowing which you're
> running at any point in time, which for most things, MAMP will handle
> correctly. But it may not be the case for command line execution as
> you've shown above.
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