IT installed XCode, here's another? command line tools sans XCode available 
from Kenneth's github,

However another irony, now that XCode is installed, in the new XCode 4.4 
command line tools are not installed by default, so I found my way to 
Preferences, Downloads, Command Line tools Install checkbox... it's 
downloading (similar to watching paint dry)


"Simon J Welsh" <> wrote in message
On 31/07/2012, at 10:54 PM, Jason Pruim <> wrote:
> On Jul 30, 2012, at 12:01 PM, "JeffPGMT" <> wrote:
>> Thanks All, now I have to tell the business owner to let the IT guy 
>> update
>> to 10.8 if he likes, which will buy me time to sort out all of what you
>> folks contributed.
>> I wasn't aware that Mamp free installed anything more than basic and Yes,
>> setup so that Apache, MySql and PHP work well together was what I had 
>> wanted
>> to learn using the stock install and was able to do w/exception of imap
>> being available.
>> Perhaps I will install XCode as it's the law of worst case probably will
>> occur if I don't, that is I'll need it in a pinch later on.
>> JeffPGMT...
> Hey Jeff,
> Unless its changed in mt lion, you will need to install Xcode to use make 
> or any other program assembler...
> O

You can download just the command line tools from, which is ~100 MB instead of a couple 
of gigs. Has been like this for some time now. You just have to be careful 
with some older code not compiling properly with LLVM.
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