> So, the jist is, what does PHP have to offer to the web in the future?  I
> think it's still a viable option that will be around for at least another
> 6-7 years. This kid thinks it's shelf life is another 3.  What do ya'll
> think?

Personally I would be a hell of a lot more worried if I was in the Java
camp.  M$ with .NET and especially CLR is gunning directly for Java and
its position in the enterprise.  PHP will roll with the punches and work
alongside .NET and CLR and always keep up with all the latest technologies
out there because PHP is developed by and for the web community.

Name a single interested web-related technology that PHP can't interact
with.  I can't think of one.  And as more come out, we'll find ways to get
PHP to talk to them.


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