> I'm afraid that PHP is not yet very credible in that world. The truth is
> there is not great marketing force behind PHP like there is Sun behind
> Java or Microsoft behind .Net

Good point, and how does one go about marketing a language that is
I do it by not allowing FP like extensions on my server's. All of my custom
apps are php or if need be I switch to C/perl.
If I get pushed hard enough I will do c++ :)

By your own words though , the  volume of users of a non-marketed php,
compared to the users of  marketed Java et al. speaks for itself.
Php holds its own..
What if a group of developers/designers started marketing PHP?

> So, it is very hard to convince the anybody to bet all the farm in PHP.
> You may have the technical arguments, but is not enough, I'm afraid.
> You in particular, may not need to convince others to bet on PHP, but it
> is nothing like that for most people that want to live from software
> development. They have to put up with work/business opportunities that
> the market offers to live from it.

hmmm, I might live in a smaller world than you but I find tons of  small to
middle businesses that have no clue as to why or how things are done in
applications(primarily web). Sure they know the buzz words of Java etc but
when I come in and tell them I work with a certain tool set and that I can
get it done for less $ and time they really don't care if I have a hammer or
a mallet.

 >So, today, I'm afraid that you
> already still have an hard time to convince people to dedicate only to
> PHP, even those that know and believe PHP is that great.

that's the truth.



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