On Thu, 23 Aug 2001 20:32:10 -0500, "Christopher CM Allen"

>hmmm, I might live in a smaller world than you but I find tons of  small to
>middle businesses that have no clue as to why or how things are done in
>applications(primarily web). Sure they know the buzz words of Java etc but
>when I come in and tell them I work with a certain tool set and that I can
>get it done for less $ and time they really don't care if I have a hammer or
>a mallet.

Many small businesses would like to do e-commerce, but can't afford
expensive consultants, expensive hardware, and expensive software
tools developed by huge corporations.

There is a vast market for web developers who use free software tools
like Linux/Apache/PHP, and offer their services to small businesses at
modest rates.

Look at all the large corporations bleeding money and cutting staff.
Mega-corporations are in decline, and their era is ending.  Long live
the small business!


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