This is very true.  I have a few ideas that I want to sell, but the only
way that I can do it with PHP is to give out the source, and the user is
expected to know how to install PHP and set up the script.  If I can
compile the PHP script, then I can sell the executables.  The users
would only have to copy the package into a directory and use it like a
cgi, and I won't have to worry about people looking into my codes.

Having executable takes care of 2 concerns I have if I want to sell a
solution.  First, with an executable, users don't have to install PHP on
their system to use my solutions.  Second, users cannot see my code.


Manuel Lemos wrote:

> No, I mean executables that may be just like VB executables that
> basically contain PHP code compiled into Zend bytecodes or whatever is
> enough for most people be stopped from copy source code directly.
> A lot of people give up PHP because it does not provide affordable
> conditions to let them sell whole applications that others can't still
> their code, when they can just spend only US$100 or less in VB, Delphi,
> Java, Kylix, etc... suite and compile programs that they can distribute
> or sell to others without risking their business.
> There are a lot more other things to say on these subjects, but these
> should give you enough to think for a while. :-)
> Regards,
> Manuel Lemos
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