At 20:23 29-08-01, Alexander Skwar wrote:
>However, I don't think it's right to say that this will never ever
>happen, like you do.  And I also do think, that it's counter-productive
>from you to say something like this.  I mean, it would be okay (with
>me), if you kinda ignored this.  But what's so bad about PHP-GTK that
>you speak so strongly against it?

I am *not* speaking against it, not strongly or or otherwise.  I'm really 
not :)
As a matter of fact, some parts in the Zend Engine 2 are going to address 
issues that Andrei (that wrote the PHP-GTK module).  I think that the 
ability to develop GUI apps using PHP is very cool, and I'm pretty sure 
that PHP developers who need to develop simple (as in control-based) GUI's 
are very likely to do it in PHP-GTK, which is good.

What I *am* saying is that GUI apps are not PHP's main strength, and thus, 
should not be its main focus.  If we try to push and market PHP, we should 
pick reasonable objectives - and pushing it as a platform is much more 
attainable than as a good-for-everything language.  This objective is quite 
ambitious on its own.


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