"B. van Ouwerkerk" wrote:
> >I can tell you that in general, companies in Europe appears to be more
> >open to open-source solutions much more than ones in the US.  Of course,
> >Europe is comprised of lots of different countries, and each country has
> >lots of different companies, so your mileage may vary.
> In The Netherlands many people believe M$ creates great products.. I
> stopped fighting, upgrading and patching NT pays the rent :-)
> One of the reasons open source might be considered an alternative is the
> fact that M$ products cost $$$$
> In Europe M$ products are more expensive then in the US.
> I talked with one of my customers about using Linux instead of Novell or
> NT.. he said Linux is to big to be used in a small company.. I don't
> understand him and I even stopped trying to understand.
> Just my 0,02
> Bye,
> B.

My experience is the same. Here in Spain everybody uses Microsoft
products. W95, W98, NT everywhere, and now 2000. There a lot of MCSE
around and very little Linux/PHP experts. Yes there are a lot of  people
that say "I'm an expert on this or that..." but once you get to work
with them, you notice that their knoledge is not the one that they say.
Also saying "I know Linux" means absolutly nothing...

The Universities and companies I have been working at or with they all
use in 90% of the tasks MS products. And for critical tasks they use
Solaris or another Unix.

Now a few companies we are dealing with are moving to Linux/PHP, but
sometimes they fall back to Microsoft because they cannot afford hiring
another programmer/technician that deals with this special software
written in another language and another operating system. Too bad.

Where did you get that thing about EU being more open source that the
US??? Is it your personal experience or what??? It is not my own
experience... maybe what you mean is that the US is more in the bussines
of making money with the open source than the EU, but that is something

        Sean C. McCarthy
        SCI, S.L. (www.sci-spain.com)

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