At 15:19 29-08-01, Alexander Skwar wrote:
>So sprach »Manuel Lemos« am 2001-08-28 um 23:21:54 -0300 :
> > Man, give it some time! How long was it since Andrei released PHP-GTK?
> > How old is PHP now?
>Exactly.  And also Perl wasn't made to create GUI apps, was it?  But
>look how many Perl GUI apps there are out there now.

I've yet to see one, which doesn't come to say that they don't exist (you 
named a couple) - but does come to say that Perl did not succeed at 
becoming a serious contended in the GUI market.

As I told Manuel, the issue isn't *time*, but *timing*.  If PHP's goal was 
to become a serious contended in the GUI app market (which it was not) - it 
long missed this opportunity.  GUI applications of PHP are cool, can be 
very useful, especially to people who already know PHP.  However, assuming 
that it would ever catch a significant share of the GUI market is naive, IMHO.


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