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Thursday, September 06, 2001, 1:46:28 PM, you wrote:

SCM> My experience is the same. Here in Spain everybody uses Microsoft
SCM> products. W95, W98, NT everywhere, and now 2000. There a lot of MCSE
SCM> around and very little Linux/PHP experts. Yes there are a lot of  people
SCM> that say "I'm an expert on this or that..." but once you get to work
SCM> with them, you notice that their knoledge is not the one that they say.
I hope germany is on the way to change this. Open Source is sponsored and
supported by the goverment ;)

SCM> The Universities and companies I have been working at or with they all
SCM> use in 90% of the tasks MS products. And for critical tasks they use
SCM> Solaris or another Unix.
Here, at my university, they use linux, Solaris, M$
And my employer, an ISP, uses most linux boxes.

SCM> Where did you get that thing about EU being more open source that the
SCM> US??? Is it your personal experience or what??? It is not my own
SCM> experience... maybe what you mean is that the US is more in the bussines
SCM> of making money with the open source than the EU, but that is something
SCM> else.
look up ...

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