At 03:11 03-09-01, Valter Santos wrote:

> > >In this company, they have choose Microsoft stuff because they think it
> > >is the right choice for what they do. For some things, PHP could be a
> > >better choice, but it would be hard to convince who is in charge above
> > >me because PHP does not benefit of a great credibility in the market
> > >that would help me to make a good case to switch to PHP.
> >
> > In the US (and perhaps in the rest of America), that's relatively
> > true.  That's not the case in Europe or the far east.  It has a lot to do
> > with mentality and corporate culture.
>I really disagree with you Zeev. I am from Portugal, Europe, and here the
>of "Microsoft is the best" still exist!

It will continue to exist for a long while in the minds of many 
people.  That's just the way things are - you never get anywhere near 100% 
of the people supporting you.  The question is whether in Portugal, you 
feel that going with a non-Microsoft solution means a complete up-hill 
battle or not.

I can tell you that in general, companies in Europe appears to be more open 
to open-source solutions much more than ones in the US.  Of course, Europe 
is comprised of lots of different countries, and each country has lots of 
different companies, so your mileage may vary.


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