Thank you Kurt,

The day for the server to be move from Cal to Fla is the 31st  (today)....
I would image that it is somewhere in transit at the present time...

Will send you an email with another address you can respond to...

Thanks for all of your help

"Kurt Lieber" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote in message
> On Wednesday 31 October 2001 07:45 am, turtle wrote:
> > <img src="<? echo $imglocation ?>" <? echo $size[3]; ?>
> Glad we could help.  Also, you can re-write the above so you don't have to
> define two sets of <?php ?> tags by doing the following:
> <?php
> print "<img src=\"$imglocation\" $size[3]>";
> ?>
> Not a big deal here, but if you start writing multiple lines of HTML code,
> you probably don't want to enclose each PHP variable in its own set of
> ?> tags.
> Also, I tried to send you a couple suggestions off-list last night, but
> email bounces -- I'm guessing the new owner of netobjects doesn't have
> mail server set up to accept the correct email address.  Just FYI.
> --kurt

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