On Wednesday 31 October 2001 07:45 am, turtle wrote:
> <img src="<? echo $imglocation ?>" <? echo $size[3]; ?>

Glad we could help.  Also, you can re-write the above so you don't have to 
define two sets of <?php ?> tags by doing the following:


print "<img src=\"$imglocation\" $size[3]>";


Not a big deal here, but if you start writing multiple lines of HTML code, 
you probably don't want to enclose each PHP variable in its own set of <?php 
?> tags.

Also, I tried to send you a couple suggestions off-list last night, but your 
email bounces -- I'm guessing the new owner of netobjects doesn't have their 
mail server set up to accept the correct email address.  Just FYI.


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