Thanks to Kurt and Justin for the help offered on this simple (now that it
is working) problem.

I do not know where my stumbling block was but after a good nights rest and
some coffee this morning I have this and the GetImageSize function
incorporated..  I will list the code incase someone finds problems or a
simpler way to go with it but it does seem to work well (at least on the
local host)

mysql_connect('localhost')or die ("Could not connect");
mysql_select_db('img760')or die ("Could not select database");
$results = mysql_query ("select imglocation from img where imgname like
$row = mysql_fetch_array($results);
$imglocation = $row['imglocation'];
$size = GetImageSize ($imglocation);

Display within the html doc is:

<img src="<? echo $imglocation ?>" <? echo $size[3]; ?>

Again thanks for all of your patience and help


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