* Nick Wilson ([EMAIL PROTECTED]) [Jan 19. 2002 06:05]:


> Me too, many people who responded to my original post seem to think
> that *i think* all newbie questions that would not have been asked had
> they bothered to look at the manual should be responded to unkindly.
> Not true, we were all there once (and still am somtimes) and I was
> told to RTFM on more than one occasion :) Best advice I was ever
> given!

Usually, it goes like this, from what I've seen on this list over the
past few years:

1. An experienced user answers a FAQ 99 times.

2. The 100th time, the question just gets deleted and the experienced 
   user gives up answering those questions ever again.

3. A new generation of listers finally get it, and approach 
   `experienced user' status.

4. GOTO 1

So the majority of the people that know the answers don't answer FAQ
questions unless they're really bored out of their mind, or _feel like
learning, themselves_.

I'm not trying to be sarcastic, I'm just speaking the truth.

And, the PHP manual /is/ a Fine one.

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