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* On 18-01-02 at 23:31 
* Bart Brinkmann said....

> > no such thing as a stupid question...
> I strongly disagree. Refer to the topic: "RTFM". A stupid question is one
> that is posted to this message board before the poster bothers to do a shred
> of independent thinking. I've seen way too many of these questions come
> through this list. The MySQL list was about the same. It was more of a
> bother to read than it was a benefit. This list is about the same quality.
> Every once in a long while something useful comes along, but unfortunately
> their burried underneath 100 other postings of lazy newbies asking questions
> like *scrolls about 10 messages down* "How to send url on if statement".
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When I started php I used to go to www.phpbuilder.com for my answers. I
suspect that I'm not the only one :)
Asking dumb Q's is not a sign of mental deficiency, it's a symptom of
the human condition. I really don't mind siily Q's. What I *do* mind is
when I see the smae twat asking an equally stupid Q an hour later.

If those of us (and I flatter myself in my inclusion) that know a
*little* about php refer the *I've discoverd php and it's not easy*
comments to good sources such as the FM! we might all benifit a little?

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