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* On 19-01-02 at 00:04 
* Darren Gamble said....

> Good day,

Hi there!

> I would agree that there certainly are some questions that deserve a bit
> more thought before they are posted to the list.  Witness, for example,
> posters who respond to their own question 10 minutes later with "Never mind,
> I solved it".

Yep, that's annoying.

> However, I don't think anyone is in a position to say whether a question is
> stupid or not.  Sometimes there is a simple way to do something, but it
> escapes the poster who is otherwise a good programmer.

Good point :)

> Yes, for a user to succeed with a programming language it's important that
> they not use a mailing list as a crutch, and be told to examine the
> documentation when appropriate (especially documentation as good as it is
> with PHP).  But I, for one, would much rather have a friendly community such
> as this one to encourage and support the use of PHP for all.

Me too, many people who responded to my original post seem to think that
*i think* all newbie questions that would not have been asked had they bothered to 
look at the manual should be responded to unkindly. Not true, we were all there once 
(and still am somtimes) and I was told to RTFM on more than one occasion :) Best 
advice I was ever given!

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