I feel your pain. Good thought. Please Read The Fine Archive for
long-running, in-depth discussion of this very topic ;)

Happy Friday, all!


> just a very quick note: I've been following the list for about a
> week and I probably follow one or two threads a day. Some of the stuff
> here is *very* interesting. Unfortunately most of the stuff 
> posted is a
> little ridiculous in that it's posted by people that clearly 
> don't know
> where the online manual is located.
> Don't get me wrong, I'm no expert and I don't object to the 'I had a
> look but...' posts I just think the list might be a little more
> interesting if those that *really* know there stuff stopped giving
> detailed answers to Q's like 'my html page shows the php 
> code' and were
> just a little less tolerant.
> Feel free to fry me.

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