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* On 19-01-02 at 11:31 
* Christopher William Wesley said....

> On Sat, 19 Jan 2002, Shane Wright wrote:
> > Maybe this list should be split - kindof into a php-newbies and a
> > php-advanced ?
> So all the newbies can help all the newbies, and all the advanced people
> can help the advanced people?  That wouldn't work out.  All the newbies
> would subscribe to the advanced list, and advanced users who like helping
> newbies would subscribe to the newbies list.  And we'd have two of the
> same list.

Yeah, I agree, that just wouldn't work.

> I don't see a problem with this list.  The person who started this thread,
> after being on the list for only a week, made a very uninformed decision
> to say something so devoid of value or thought that it makes less sense
> than when a newbie asks a question without checking the manual first.


> After being on the list for a year, and following the newsgroup for a year
> prior to subscribing to the list, I've noticed very few people asking
> questions that are answered in the manual more than once ... "repeat
> offenders" if you will.  And there are even fewer people who are dumb
> enough to make an issue out of it.  This list is actually quite friendly
> to newbies, and is a primary reason why I stay on subscribed.  I like
> helping new php developers (in terms of using php), and I like that that
> there are good number of people who like helping new php developers in a
> very friendly manner.

I'm not suggesting anyone be unfriendly to newbies, we were all there
once and some of us (like me) *still* make newbies mistakes :)

> I suspect that those are the same reasons why new php users subscribe to
> the list or follow the news group for a while.
> On Fri, 18 Jan 2002, Nick Wilson wrote:
> > just a very quick note: I've been following the list for about a
> > week and I probably follow one or two threads a day. Some of the stuff
> > here is *very* interesting. Unfortunately most of the stuff posted is a
> > little ridiculous in that it's posted by people that clearly don't know
> > where the online manual is located.
> If you notice someone asking a question that has been asnwered in the
> manual, and you're going to spend the time writing to the list, you might
> as well be as helpful as possible.  Answer a question, politely note that

I agree, I'm just saying that it would be more helpful to provide a
gentle shove toward the relevant section of the manual than a detailed
explanation that's been given many times before.

> the manual is a great first-source for anwers, and provide a link into the
> manual where the person can find that you're telling the truth.  Everyone

...er, why would anyone lie?

> has a lapse in judgement or knowledge at some point, and if that annoys
> you, note that it annoys us to hear that it annoys you.  People are more
> receptive to someone who treats them with respect than to people who
> preach down from a self-built soap box.

No one said anything about disrespect. I think you're taking this a
little to much to heart.

> I'm not your mom, nor a list moderator ... so take the above as advice
> that will help you not look like more of a fool than those whom you think
> are foolish.

I don't think I look foolish at all :)

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